Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I saw a woman feeding squirrels in the park yesterday. She must have been some kind of Dolittle. There were about five squirrels lined up, no more than a yard away from her, and she was throwing nuts to them. One by one she threw little nuts, and the squirrels waited patiently for their turn. It was pretty amazing... At one point the squirrels were only a foot away, and I actually started to get nervous they were going to attack her. But the woman wasn't. She just kept feeding, the leader of a calm, collected clan. And when she was done, she slowly stood and walked away.

And then I got to thinking...maybe squirrels aren't so bad. Maybe they could even be cute and cuddly. And maybe, just maybe, all those little creatures we ignore all day could actually be our friends. Yeah! Beautiful, sweet friends.

And then you know what happened? A fucking pigeon took a shit on me.

1 comment:

  1. Comment #1: "Calm, collected clan." - Alliteration!

    Comment #2: That's supposed to be good luck, when a bird shits on you. Doesn't feel like it though, huh.