Thursday, April 22, 2010

Holding Hands

When do we stop holding hands?

On my way to work I walk by a few schools and often see large groups of children, guided by a teacher, walking outside and holding hands. The children are divided into pairs, girl-boy, boy-boy, girl-girl, and it's adorable. They're just walking around the city, sweet and innocent, not self-conscience or homophobic enough to care that they're holding hands. So when does that stop?

I mean, you couldn't have high school kids hold hands, or even middle school kids really. They would call it "gay" or say people have "cooties." (Do kids still say that?) Either way, it makes me sad.

So I've decided that the next time I'm walking with a male friend I'm going to ask to hold his hand. And this isn't meant to be funny. I just really want to hold someones hand that I'd usually feel too uncomfortable or embarrassed to hold. Because I'm realizing now that something changes in a person when they start questioning and over analyzing basic human connections. Simply put, people lose something deep inside of themselves when they stop holding hands, something I don't have a name for, but I really want it back.


  1. I know where my hands have been...are you sure you Really want to hold my hand?

  2. Okay. So yesterday I was walking with Scott, Patrick and Miriam near MSG toward a diner, and Scott asked if it would make me uncomfortable if we held hands for 1 block... I think like a social expiriment. I told him about this blog post, and so we tried it.

    I love Scott, and he is one of my oldest and dearest friends. But you know what? Still a little weird.