Friday, April 30, 2010

Don Draper

Lately I've been having the most elaborate lunches. I start with an appetizer - cheese or salad. Move on to my premeal beverage - beer, wine, or mimosa. Then it's entree time, usually fish, sandwich, or chicken (always with at least two sides). And at the end, I have a dessert, either scone or muffin, and wash it all down with an espreso, coffee, or tea. Sometimes ice coffee.

Basically, I like to pretend I'm a Mad Men character.

Now I'm usually very tight with money, but no matter what I do my bank account is always around the same number. That being said, I've decided to hold an experiment. I'm going to continue my elaborate lunches, regardless of the cost, and see if something changes in my life to compensate for my soon predicted debt. Now I know what you're thinking. That's mad, man! But you know what? Fuck it. Maybe you have to act like a baller to be a baller. And you know what else? I'm getting tired of feeling tight on cash, and I fucking love a robust meal.


  1. LOL - "That's mad, Man!" Mad Men. Heh. Big robust meal for you on 5/22. How does a 10 lb. cheeseburger sound?

  2. Hmmmm...act like a baller to be a baller...a robust LUNCH? Come on...get yourself a woman involved in this Robust Experiment and write me a story about a dessert that's more appealing than tea and a scone...