Thursday, April 29, 2010


Something I found in my notebook. Jan. 2010?

I saw a post-it hanging on a subway window last night. It had the word "help" written on it. It made me wonder who had put it there. It made me wonder if someone actually needed help. And most importantly it made me wonder if anyone was there to help the person who wrote it.

Then the post-it lost its stickiness and fell face down so no one else could read it, and I got the strangest feeling in my stomach.


  1. Possible explanations:

    1. The person on the other side of that window, in the subway tunnel, was a master guru mole-person that people spend their entire lives looking for. He offers the meaning of life. The "Help" sign was simply telling you what was behind it.

    2. The person who wrote it needed help inside the subway car and was hoping someone outside would see it. They accidentally wrote it on the wrong side.

    3. The post-it ITSELF needed help. It knew it was losing it's stickiness, and was begging you, in big capital letters, to assist. You blew it.

    Me, I walked past a woman today who was wearing a purple sweatshirt with a purple bear on it that read, in big letters, "Purple Makes Life BEARable!" I've already spent too much time on her by writing this.

  2. were you wearing GALOSHES?