Sunday, April 4, 2010


Meet my nephew, Mr. James. Too much, right? I just spent Easter with the little booger, and I must say, he's pretty cool.

So, as much as I'd like to write about how wonderful my nephew is, which I assure you, he's very wonderful, my mind is drifting to a much shallower place. SO shallow that I feel guilty just thinking about it! Basically, I'm worried that my own little booger (one day) won't be as cute as Mr. James. I mean, LOOK, he's pretty freakin' cute. So cute that most other babies are frightfully hideous to me, not because they actually are, but because they're not up to his par. Hm...Now seems like a good time to reiterate that these are very shallow thoughts, but I can't help it! What if my own little booger ACTUALLY looks like a little booger? What if my sis got all the cute baby making genes? Probably only so many go around, right? Ah, well. I'm not helping to pop out a kid anytime soon, or ever for all I know, so I'll just keep focusing on my nephew. That's the good stuff. I'll keep focusing on bouncing the little guy, because he's very bouncy and wonderful.


  1. YOur nephew is too, too cute. You're right. Pretty wonderful. Yay, you have a blog i can follow. I have you one too. Check it out.

  2. ...he totally looks like Dexter Morgan's son, Harry.