Monday, April 26, 2010

Buddy and Friend

It's funny when you look at a person and you know there's so much more to them than you'll ever know. Allow me to explain...

This weekend I had coffee with a friend of mine. For the purposes of this story we'll call him Buddy. So Buddy is quite a fellow, probably one of the most friendly and passionate guys I know. So we're talking about life, work, music, love, and everything else that seems to naturally flow out of me whenever we meet, and then the topic of our significant others come up. You see Buddy's got this girlfriend, which for the purposes of this story we'll call Friend. Now I don't know Friend very well, we've only had a few short meetings despite me and Buddy's tight ties, but she's a very nice girl. Sweet, funny and gives great hugs. But besides that I honestly know nothing about her other than what Buddy tells me. And this is what I'm getting at... If Buddy is one of the most passionate people I know, then Friend must give him something amazing for them to be lovers, also meaning that Friend herself must be more amazing than I actually know. And honestly, I shouldn't know. I mean, what Buddy and Friend have is just for them, and even if I ask dozens of questions about their lives and relationship, I'll still never understand their bond and the idiosyncrasies that make them what they are. But regardless, when I see Friend or think of her, I can't help but imagine all the things I'll never know about her. How she's able to satisfy Buddy's soul. How she has thoughts and dreams and fears that are only hers. You see, to me she's a sweet girl that gives great hugs, and that's enough. It's all I need. But I still like knowing there's more, even if I never see it, and that's there's more to everyone in this world that we casually walk by everyday.

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  1. It's so easy to be self-centered in this town, isn't it? I get irritated beyond belief when people walk, slowly, down the sidewalk 3-wide. I wanna yell, "It's single file in this town, people!"

    But there's more to them than I know, and I have to remember that. I like this post. It shows an empathy that is less-than-present for most NYers.

    I also like that you're content knowing what you know. The fact that Friend "gives good hugs" is an AMAZING way to describe a person, and certainly worth being in the same room as them again.