Monday, June 28, 2010


I've started running.

Two miles at a time, four days a week. I'm not here to talk about exercise, however, I'm here to talk abut flip books. Remember flip books? Well, they're great. A bunch of pictures in a book that you flip to form a short movie.

Yup, you got it.

And for me, that's what running is. You go around this circle over and over and see the same people in the same spot, but in a slightly different position. And if you run long enough, you eventually see a story...

Lap 1 - Man on bench

Lap 2 - Man drinking beer

Lap 3 - Man sleeping

Lap 4 - Woman yelling at man

Lap 5 - Woman and man sitting next to each other

Lap 6 - Woman and man are gone

At this point, I can only run up to six laps, but I tell you, the funny folk in Maria Hernandez Park are really encouraging me to run longer. Because the more laps, the more story.

And who doesn't like stories?

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