Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Fashion Beast

Beauty and the Beast is by far my favorite animated film. Now I'm sure you'd love to hear my long winded reasoning behind this, but's another thought for your brain:

I often walk by groups of children on my way to work, and as of recently, I've been paying more attention to their little book bags and their little t-shirts.

Weird? Yes. Pointless? No.

You see, I'm starting to notice something...there's just not a lot of Aladdin book bags out there anymore. Lion King either. OR my beloved Beauty and the Beast. In fact, unless you're willing to go to garage sales or spend some time on the internet, I'm beginning to realize it's pretty hard to find any kid's parifinalia referencing movies older than a decade.

And this is what I'm getting at... The fashion of a young child is predetermined by whatever popular cartoon movie happens to be out, because naturally that's what the larger shopping marts will be stocked with. And that gets my goat! I mean, really! What a sham that a kid can't walk into a Wall Mart and find a Lion King book bag... Yes, yes, I know there's probably Cinderella and Snow White accessories every which way you turn, but what about the other animated films that don't fall into the instant classic category? I mean, should kids born after the year 2000 not have the option of sporting a multicolored Jungle Book hoodie? That's denying the bare necessities!

In conclusion - kids are only exposed to what we show them. They don't have ability or know how to log onto netflix and pick movies, nor to log onto eBay and buy vintage t-shirts. Therefore, we (meaning adults) have the responsibility, the duty, to expose children to some culture - even the animated kind. And this is one of the many reasons I know I'm not ready to be a parent. Because above anything else, I'm very nervous about what type of movies I'll share with my kid.

Fuck the booster shot.

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