Monday, June 14, 2010

Star Woman

Spent some time on a roof this past Saturday night with some lovely people. At about 11pm, I rested on my back and stared up at the the sky, enjoying the pitter-patter of conversations all around me. It was a cloudy night, and I kept hearing people say how they wished the stars were out. But you know what? Even when it's cloudy, if you stare up at the sky long enough you'll eventually see a star shine through. Really. It's like your eyes start adjusting and you can see a secret world that no one else can. And after fifteen minutes of lying on my back, I began seeing dozens of more stars all around me, too beautiful and powerful to be hidden by the clouds.

"I wish the stars were out," I heard someone say. But I didn't respond. Tonight, the secret world was just for me.

It was a lovely night.

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