Friday, June 11, 2010

The Ant

I saw an ant crawling near me on the subway yesterday morning. He was a little guy...Now I didn't feel the need to kill him, but at the same time I didn't want him crawling on me, so you know, I gave him a little flick.


But the weird part is, afterwards, I couldn't see where he landed. I know he's small and all, but no matter where I looked - nothing.

"See ya, little friend!" And I got off the subway.

So around 14 hours later I'm in bed reading. And all of a sudden, yup, I see an ant crawling down my forearm.

"Hey, friend," I say, and then I pause. I have one of those epiphany moments, even though I'm not coming up with an idea.

Now obviously, the likelihood of this being the same ant from the morning is pretty slim. But maybe it was? In fact, I'm going to pretend it was, especially while writing this, because I kind of like the idea of having a millimeter creature hanging out on my shoulder all day. Talking to my friends, seeing my co-workers, watching me eat lunch. I mean, it's hard to share all those details with a person, even if you really try. Actually, I think it's impossible. But with this little ant I didn't have to share a thing, he was already there - part of my stupid day, hitchin' a free ride.

And who doesn't want a free ride?

So I picked the ant off my forearm and brought him outside.

"See ya, little friend." And we both keep moving.

...Then I started wondering if my apartment has ants.

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