Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Kind Of Concerned Father

Yesterday's adventure...

On my way to the subway I saw a man talking on his cell phone. He was pacing, yelling, sweating, kicking, and occasionally pulling his hair. So naturally, I stood on the other side of the street and listened.

"I don't care! I said, I don't care! If you're breastfeeding, you shouldn't be partying! It's as simple as that!"


"It doesn't matter that he's out of you, cause you're still putting part of your body inside of him! And if you get drunk, you're giving him the drunk stuff!"

A few people then walk by, all keeping their heads down. I'm now pretending to text.

"What?! You're gonna stop?! For what damn reason?!"


"But you read...you read the books. Then he won't feel that connection when he's older..."


"Well, if I could I would, Woman! But I can't. But you! You! You could do this but you'd, rather drink than-"

Then the guy is quiet. He lifts the cell phone up and stares at it.

"Fuck you, bitch!"

And he walks off, almost knocking another guy over as he turns the corner.

Now! I'm not sure how I feel about this guy. I mean, this obviously wasn't the right place to be having this conversation, nor was he handling it very maturely. But still, something about him felt right to me, and that his heart was in the right place...wherever that place may be.

And if anything, it reminded me to get my dad a gift for Father's Day. Have you done that yet?

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