Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kissy Face

A story from my Junior year of college:

A homeless man gave me a kiss today. I had just finished giving a guitar lesson when I went down to the subway and saw him sitting on a bench wearing a glittery, Happy New Years hat and patting his knees like a drum.

And then he said this:

"Hey! You gotta guitar on your back! You play guitar?"

"I do."


And he started playing an air guitar.

"Where you play guitar?!"

"Just down the street."

"Down the street!"

"Yup, down the street."


And then I sat next to him, since he was a very charming homeless man.

"I bet you have lot's of girlfriends! Wearin' a guitar on your back and havin' lot of ladies."

"Not really."

"I bet you take a different lady home every night!"


"Well, you should! They should be giving you kisses!"

And the homeless made a kissy face. He kissed the air and stretched his neck out.

"Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss."

And I started to laugh.

"You want to give me a kiss?"

And I laughed some more and turned away (though I probably should have left). That's when the homeless man leaned over and kissed my cheek. I quickly pulled away. He stood, giggling.

"Gotcha! I gotcha!" And he played his air guitar.

Then the subway came and I watched it zoom behind him before coming to a stop. He was very happy with himself...He got on. He was gone.

I missed my fucking train.

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