Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's getting hot out there...

Dripping bodies flapping around, leaving sweat stains for foot prints, and rain drops of salt sprinkled in their path.

Mouth open, eyes half shut, shoulders down, and dry lips, occasionally getting slapped by a fossil tongue, cracked and filled with dust.

Try to swallow. Ty it.

But we still keep walking. Feeling every hair on our body, now coated with a grease, rubbing our skin, trying to throw off the stench like it's a buzzing mosquito. But you can't brush it off - you can't even stop the sucking. It just keeps on biting and tearing until you're empty of saliva and piss and only a carcass of rubber is left, now matching all the torn tires on the big, big trucks spitting out the black smoke.

It's summer time, and the livin's easy.


  1. I like the heat. I like sweating. I like feeling all the blood rushing around inside me. But I hate the body odor most people emit during the summer. It's like, can't you please put on some fucking deodorant?