Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Regulars

This morning I bought a cup of coffee at a deli I'm a regular at. So I'm waiting in line, dreaming of my java, when all of a sudden I notice this middle aged woman standing behind me. She looks SO happy. Really. She's smiling big, her cheeks are rosy, and she's bobbing her head like there's music playing only she can hear. She's even winking at people! Smiling and winking and dancing. It's great.

So finally, when it's my turn to order, the guy behind the cash register looks around me, making it real obvious, and he giggles.

"Louise! You got your braces off!"

And the middle aged woman smiles...even wider than before.

"Yeah, just got them off yesterday...Nothing big."

"Nothing big?! You look beautiful! Truly beautiful!" And me and the other people in line turn to her. Louise poses, we all nod, and her cheeks get rosier until we all start to giggle.

She really did look beautiful.

Then I get my coffee, small with cream and sugar, and I head to work, happy I'm a regular at that particular deli.

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