Thursday, May 13, 2010


You know those guys who hand out the free Metro Papers when you get off the subway? Well, my guy, Jerry, he's the best one there is. Everyday I get off at the 125th street stop in a sea of disgruntled workers, and Jerry's always there lifting our spirits. Handing out his papers, doing his little dances, and singing to all the passer byers in his high pitched, raspy voice. I only see Jerry for about ten seconds each day, mind you, but it's always a very memorable ten seconds, and a great way to start things off.

"Help a fella out!" Jerry says. And he hops on one foot holding a pile of his papers.

"I don't bite! I just pass out the information!" Jerry says. And he turns in a circle, laughing like a maniac and winking non stop.

"I'm Jerry!" Jerry says. "Start your day with a boogie!" And he boogies.

The guy's out of control, but I love it. Sometimes he even has a partner, a much quieter guy who let's Jerry do most of the talking/ cheering. He just helps hand the papers out, snickering a bit. We all snicker... Now I don't know the partner's name, or anyone's name on the subway - I just know Jerry. Because that fella is something special. A ray of sunshine in the underground tunnels of New York City. And you know what? I hope I always have someone like Jerry to help start my day.

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