Friday, May 7, 2010


Man, babies are fucking adorable. Now clearly this isn't a new or profound thought. I mean, people have been saying babies are fucking adorable since the beginning of time. But for me, I'm finally realizing why they're so special. It's not because they're a dream, which I'm sure you've read on a few dozen birth announcements, it's because they ARE dreams. You see, when we see a baby we have no idea what they're going to do one day, who they're going to to be one day, or how they're going to act. And that's a beautiful thing. Now when we see a dirty guy with a big beard sleeping on the street, however, we technically still don't know what he'll do one day, who is going to be one day, or how he's going to act, but we make assumptions, even the obvious, negative ones. We can't help it, and this is not a beautiful thing. So this is what I'm getting at...Babies are too cute, clueless, and helpless for us to make negative assumptions about them. I mean, if I was looking at a baby and I heard a guy say, "Man, that little girl is gonna be a slut one day." I'd say, fuck you, buddy! She's just a baby! And that's what anyone would say. Because when we see a new, innocent life we just naturally assume they'll do amazing things. They're our dreams. We say things like... "That baby could cure cancer one day!" Or... "That baby could be president one day!" Or maybe..."That baby will have all the answers one day!" It's hope, and the easiest thing in the world to have hope in, or better yet have faith in, are the things we can't question or understand.

But as I'm writing this, I'm feeling a bit sad. It's wonderful that we have so much hope in babies, but is it wrong that we can't give the same credit to all the other guys and gals wandering around?

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