Friday, May 21, 2010


Something I found in my notebook. May, 2009?

SO I'm on the subway this morning and I'm sitting next to a woman who's reading my favorite book. And not only is she reading my favorite book, I notice she's reading my favorite page of my favorite book. Oy vey! Basically, there's sex, death, a character loses an eyeball, and another character loses his penis. It's a very exciting page...

So the woman is reading away, and I can tell she's really in to it, so in to it that she doesn't even notice when I start reading over her shoulder, not being very tactful about it either. And THEN I get so in to it that I don't even notice that I'm reading over her shoulder anymore. Like I said, very exciting page.

So! Now we're both reading away. I start to sweat, my heart's pounding, and I'm reliving all of my emotions and memories from this stupid, little book. And at the end of the page, when it all hits the fan, I have the same reaction as the first two times I read it. I moan. YUP! Not sexual like, but definitely a release of some kind. The first two times I read it, however, I wasn't moaning four inches away from a female stranger's ear...hence the post title.

Then the woman looks at me - I quickly back away. We share a few glances, and it's obvious neither of us know what to say, do, or think. So after a long pause she looks down at the book again - starts the next chapter. And I just sit there, thankful she's reading something good enough to distract her from smacking me.

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