Friday, May 14, 2010

Some People Just Be Leakin' Money

Today I was walking behind a man who had a dollar bill sticking out from his back pocket. Another man, who may or may not have been homeless, came to his side. I was only a few feet behind them, allowing me to clearly hear their conversation.

"Excuse me, Sir. You gotta dollar bill hanging out of your back pocket."

"I do?"

And the man reached for his dollar.

"Now I ain't no criminal, but I could have taken that money. So how about you just give it to me as a gift instead."

And then the man walked faster. He held up his hand, let the dollar fall to the ground, and he scurried into the distance. The other man, who may or may not have been homeless, then knelt. He was right in front of me, causing me to stop walking.

"Some people just be leakin' money," the man said. And I nodded and walked around him.

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