Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Funny Feeling

A man sitting next to me on the subway sneezed. So I said this: "Bless you."

Know what he said? Nothing. He just gave me a look. Like he couldn't fathom hearing "bless you" on a morning commute. And then he rolled his eyes - real, real big.

Au contraire mon ami.

I'm not a big man, but a little above average in height, making it easier to mask my actual size. So I sat up straight. I stared at him and taped his shoulder. He wasn't happy to hear from me...

"God. Bless. You."

And this time he was still, but by the muscles in his forehead I could tell he wanted to roll his eyes. Instead, he just gave a small nod and returned to his phone.

That was that.

So what do you think: is it worse to not having manners, or to want to rip someone's head off for not saying 'thank you'?

Either way, I have a funny feeling that will get me into a lot of trouble one day.

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