Monday, January 17, 2011


It's funny being the oldest person in a room. As a 25 year old I'm not too used to it, but as minutes turn into months I keep finding myself in situations where I am. And I like it.

Namaste? Heard of it? They say it in yoga. It's yuppity, hippity, but it's what I like.

I go to a donation based studio near New York University, so naturally it attracts a college aged crowd, and people like me, who don't want to spend a lot of money. Anyway, I'm starting to realize that the main reason I like this studio is because I'm usually the oldest person there. Sometimes I even think about growing a big beard, which I'm very good at, to add another decade on my appearance. Then maybe I'd hear, "Who is that old guy doing the downward facing dog?"

No, I don't think people would actually say this, but still, it's interesting getting older. As I see it, you notice more about what came before you, and people who are younger than you. I'm not saying it makes you wiser (I would never equate age with wisdom), but it's like your peripheral vision gets a little bigger, so maybe by the time you're 95 it'll be so wide you'll see everything around you, EVERYTHING, even if your real vision is fading and you're going half blind, you'll still be seeing more than any other time in your life.

I hope to one day be 95 and go back to my yoga studio. I'll probably have to be carried up the stairs. I'll just lay on my mat and watch people stretch their young bodies and touch their smooth skin.

The teacher will say, "Downward facing dog, everyone."

And I'll laugh my ass off.

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